Mint Oreo icebox cake is refreshingly sweet

While Oreo cookies taste great all on their own, if you ask me, they also go with pretty much any flavor you can think of. From peppermint to peanut butter and a whole bunch of flavors in between, Oreo seems to be hard at work giving us new cookies all the time.

My favorite combination, however, is one that’s been around for a while, and that never gets old — mint. There’s something about the combination of chocolate and mint that has always felt refreshing to me, reminding me of summer. Of course, they’re made even better when served alongside another one of my favorites — mint chocolate chip ice cream.

So when I discovered that mint Oreo icebox cake exists, I knew exactly how I would be eating my favorite cookie from now on.

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Not only do the recipes look incredible, but they’re also so easy that even a non-baker like myself can easily create a mint masterpiece. Even better, some of the recipes, like this one from Tidy Mom, only have three ingredients!

All you need are at least 24 mint Oreos, Cool Whip and some chocolate syrup. You can read the full recipe on Tidy Mom’s blog but, basically, you just layer the Oreos and Cool Whip multiple times and then garnish with chocolate syrup and more Oreos. So easy!

Tidy Mom

If you’re looking for something a bit more complex, but still pretty easy to make, this recipe from Life, Love and Sugar has 10 ingredients and uses chocolate and vanilla pudding, mint extract and food coloring, along with the mint Oreos, Cool Whip and chocolate sauce. Essentially, all you do is make both puddings, turn the vanilla into a mint flavor, then layer on the Oreos, pudding, Cool Whip and some chocolate chips.

Life, Love and Sugar

If you’re not a fan of mint, try this Oreo pudding cake instead, which uses Oreo, cream cheese, pudding and whipped cream.

Do you prefer your Oreos with or without mint?