‘Missing Richard Simmons’ Podcast Is The New ‘Serial’ And It’s Super Addictive

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Serial” fans, we’ve found your new obsession. In case you haven’t heard, “Missing Richard Simmons” is the latest podcast craze, and for a good reason.

Everyone knows of Richard Simmons, the 1980s workout star, known for his addictive personality and wild workout attire. But this podcast digs into what you don’t know about Simmons—more specifically, the fact that he’s been “missing” from the public eye for three years. Yes you heard right, missing. And if you’re anything like me, this news comes as a surprise.


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Filmmaker and once-upon-a-time friend of Simmons, Dan Taberski, created the podcast in the hopes of getting to the bottom of this mystery. His podcast poses the question: is Simmons actually missing, or just taking a break from the public eye? He spent 16 months producing the six-episode podcast trying to find the answer.

I’ve listened to all four episodes of the podcast that have been released thus far, and I’m hooked. As someone who didn’t know much about Simmons, aside from being an ’80s workout icon, the podcast is fascinating. I don’t want to give anything away, but the theories of where he could be are definitely somewhat creepy. The sense of mystery and intrigue that the podcast generates feels extremely similar to the famous podcast “Serial.”


Taberski does an amazing job at showing listeners who Simmons is a person and a friend. His worry and confusion around Simmons disappearance is evident. However, Taberski cautions, “If you’re thinking you’re going to help me find Richard Simmons, please don’t.” Watch below.

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So, ready to start binge listening? The first four episodes have already been released, and new episodes are released every Wednesday. Listen here on Stitcher. If you get caught up on the four available episodes, and you can’t wait till next Wednesday for the next, get a one month free trial to Stitcher Premium to listen to the next episode right away!

If you’re still looking to satisfy your crime podcast sweet tooth, you need to listen to “Stranglers.” “Stranglers” will have you on the edge of your seat throughout each chilling episode, and it is highly addictive. The podcast tells the terrifying true story of The Boston Strangler, and the murders of his victims, 13 women, in a 12-part documentary podcast. This one will keep you up at night, trust me.


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