Hotel that lets guests foster shelter dogs has found forever homes for 60 dogs

Stay a night at this pawesome hotel and you just might leave with an extra member of the family.

At the Home2 Suites by Hilton Biloxi in D’Iberville, Mississippi, you can play host to a foster dog for the night. If you find your canine companion so doggone companionable that you can’t imagine leaving it behind at the hotel, you can adopt the doggo on the spot.

And it gets even better. The hotel’s foster-to-adoption program, “Fostering Hope,” has been a huge success. More than 60 dogs have found their forever homes since the program started in late 2018!

It’s no surprise that the dogs are melting people’s hearts and heading home with them. Just take a look at some of the pups that went home with a guest.

Carol found this Jack Russell terrier mix to be such a delightful little buddy that she adopted him.

She sent the hotel an update to post on their Facebook page. Jack Benny got a haircut and a cute little bandana when he got to his new forever home, and he looks pretty happy about it — or maybe he’s glad he gets to be on the couch!:

Home2 Suites’ director of sales, Teresa Johnston, had the idea for the program, which is a partnership with Humane Society of South Mississippi. Johnston told Insider she felt something was missing that wasn’t quite letting some guests feel at home at the hotel — pets.

Through Fostering Hope, which started in October 2018, Home2 Suites houses one foster dog at a time. Guests can choose to walk, feed and just hang out with the pup during their stay. If they fall in love, they can adopt them on the spot … though some hotel employees have met their furry besties through the program, too, so it’s not just guests adopting dogs here.

We’re really loving the photos of the pups, of course. The Humane Society shared this family pic with their newly adopted Rosie, and she looks absolutely thrilled. There’s no doubt that this doggo is 100% smiling.

The families who have adopted dogs from Home2 Suites are good at staying in touch after they leave — we’re guessing that the hotel staff becomes pretty attached to these doggos and appreciates the updates.

The hotel posted a photo of former foster pup Fergus celebrating his first anniversary with his forever family. What a cutie!

And here’s Chauvo, who has the honor of being the first pup the hotel adopted out of its foster program.

And here is Chauvo with his favorite human kiddos on Christmas:

Here’s hoping all of the puppers and kitties find wonderful forever homes like Chauvo did!

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