Mississippi teens wear wild suits to senior prom

You might be embarrassed by what you wore to senior prom. But rest assured: You’ve got nothing on these kids.

Ten Mississippi high schoolers made a colorful impression by wearing some of world’s loudest suits to their senior prom. The group of seniors from Saint Joseph Catholic School in Madison, Mississippi, decked themselves out in custom suits featuring everything from flamingos to the solar system.

“We wanted to do something that people would remember,” one of the students, Nick Louvier, told TODAY. “Everyone was coming up to us shaking our hands and telling us how good we looked.”

Their classmates weren’t the only ones impressed by their fashion choices, though. Photos of the boys went viral after Louvier — the one wearing an American flag — posted them on Twitter.

A Sports Team Senior Prom Suit?

Student Taylor Lyle decided to broadcast his sports allegiances with a suit covered in the Green Bay Packers logo.

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“I’m a huge Green Bay Packers fan,” he said in the TODAY interview. “Once I saw the Packers suit, I knew it was calling my name.”

Then the Packers called back, retweeting his photo with the caption, “We know who we’re voting for as prom king!”

The suits come from Shinesty, a Boulder-based company that promises “outrageous clothing for theme parties, costume parties, and general ridiculousness.”

“We just wanted to do something that would stand out and brighten up people’s day,” Lyle said. “We thought Shinesty was a perfect fit for what we wanted to do.”

The teens’ fashion adventure makes for a fun story, but it’s worth remembering that many other students across the country don’t get the same pass for creative sartorial choices.

While these boys saw headlines that called their suits “funky” and “wacky,” every prom season seems to bring dozens of stories about young women who are sent home (or forced to change clothes) for supposed violations of dress codes.

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Maybe all those girls just need to take a cue from these boys and wear Pac-Man suits instead.