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7 Mistakes Your Hairstylist Wants You To Stop Making

Remember this before your next trip to the salon!

When it comes to your hair, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Anyone who’s ever decided to trim their own bangs can attest to this fact. Still, there are some things you can do to make your stylist’s job easier, and some mistakes that can make it a whole lot harder. Here are seven common mistakes your hairstylist wishes you’d stop making, and what to do instead.

1. Not Washing Your Hair For An Updo

You may have heard that slightly dirty hair is best for making a fancy updo hold. However, the last thing you want for a formal event like Prom or a wedding is greasy, stringy hair. You should actually start with clean, dry hair for the best result.

“What your hair looks like before you start the updo is what your hair looks like after the updo,” explains Sarah Naslund, Aveda updo educator. “If it’s greasy going in, it’s going to be greasy going out. If it’s frizzy going in, it will be frizzy going out.”

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2. Always Using The Same Shampoo

When it comes to shampoo, variety is key.

“Sometimes your hair gets used to the shampoo you use constantly,” Eliut Rivera of Eliut Salon in New York City told Real Simple. “It’s good to have a few different shampoos with different purposes, like a moisturizing shampoo, shine shampoo, color-safe shampoo and volume shampoo. Then alternate.”

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3. Not Piping Up

Bringing in pictures and clearly communicating what you’re looking for can set your stylist up to deliver on the look you’re envisioning. Still, sometimes it doesn’t turn out quite how you’d imagined. In that case, it’s best to speak up while you’re still at the salon. Oftentimes, your style can still be salvaged.

“Maybe we just need to trim the fringe or shorten the layers,” celebrity stylist Kristan Serafino told MarketWatch. “Or it could be as simple as styling it in a way you prefer.”

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4. Not Protecting Your Hair From Heat Styling

If your hair is dry and seriously damaged, you can probably blame your constant use of hot tools. In order to keep your hair shiny and healthy, it’s essential to protect it before styling.

“You can use heating elements regularly if, and only if, you use a heat protectant and a sufficient amount of it,” editorial and wedding hair and makeup stylist Kashmir Asvaraksh told HealthyWay. “The heat protectant needs to be applied all over the hair.”

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5. Having Unrealistic Expectations

You can get great hair inspiration from a celebrity or Instagram, but try to remember that your stylist is only human, and they have to work with what they’ve got. The end result might not look exactly like it does in a magazine.

“Hair texture varies from person to person, and the way one cut looks on an inspiration photo does not mean that it will look the same on you,” stylist Janine Ker told LifeHacker. “This also applies to color and styling. Everyone has different face shapes, skin tones and complexions.”

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6. Showing Up Late

There’s a reason you need an appointment for services at most salons, and if you’re more than a few minutes late, you can throw off your stylist’s whole day. Always call if you’re going to be late, and if you’re going to be more than 20–30 minutes late, you should realize that you’ll probably need to reschedule.

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7. Not Using Their Recommended Products

While it may seem like they’re just trying to upsell you when your stylist recommends a certain product, it’s because they actually think it’s best for your hair. When you take their advice, it will make your hair look better on a day-to-day basis.

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Have you been making any of these haircut faux pas?