MIT Researchers Reinvent Bike Wheel So That Any Bike Can Become Hybrid

Would you spend more time biking if it weren't so tiring?

They say you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel, but researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are out to disprove that. A group from the university created a bike wheel that can transform any bike into an electric bike, therefore making your riding experience much faster, smoother and more enjoyable.

The invention is called The Copenhagen Wheel, and it is described as “an electronic assist robot that responds seamlessly to how you ride,” on the product’s Facebook page. The wheel’s design is pretty genius.

Just imagine. This could be you:

It’s a sleek red hub that can be added to any bike to take it to the next level. With The Copenhagen Wheel added to the back of any bike, you’ll be able to break more efficiently, climb hills with ease and get an added speed boost when you need it.

The wheel is very user-friendly, too. Simply activate it through an app on your phone and customize your ride as you need, thanks to the wheel’s bluetooth capabilities. Clearly, folks, this is how you ride in 2018.

This invention might just be the kind of thing you need to convince yourself to become more active, or at least change your mode of transportation from time to time.

A study conducted by the University of Glasgow proved that even just cycling to work could lower the risk of dying at an early age by 40 percent and reduce the chance of developing cancer by 45 per cent.

Dr. Jason Gill, from the institute of cardiovascular and medical sciences at Glasgow University, told The Telegraph, “Cycling all or part of the way to work was associated with substantially lower risk of adverse health outcomes.”

And if getting up hills and pedaling in general is less of a struggle—it’s even more convincing to give the whole bike-riding thing a try, you know?

If you’re interested in purchasing a Copenhagen Wheel to add to your existing bike, it’ll cost you $1,499. There’s also the option to buy an entire bike, equipped with the wheel, for $1,999. It’s a bit of an investment, for sure, but think of all the money you’ll save on gas—not to mention the health benefits.