M&M’s Ghoul’s Mix Sugar Cookie Dough Is Perfect For All Your Halloween Baking

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While we’re still soaking up the last rays of summer, Halloween is less than 80 days away. That means that our favorite seasonal treats are slowly returning to the shelves, and cookie dough lovers are keeping an eye out for the infamous M&M’s Ghoul’s Mix Sugar Cookie Dough.

Made with a festive combo of purple, orange and green M&M’s, the Ghoul’s Mix Sugar Cookie Dough makes it easy for you to prepare delicious cookies for all of your Halloween festivities. Topped with Halloween sprinkles like bats, ghosts and pumpkins, this prepackaged sugar cookie mix makes 20 cookies. And, at just 80 calories a cookie, it’s a fun way to indulge your seasonal sweet tooth without going overboard.

While the Ghoul’s Mix Sugar Cookie Dough has not officially hit the shelves yet, look for it at Walmart as Halloween gets closer.

You can also check out the newest M&M’s flavor, Creepy Cocoa Crisp. This new limited-edition find is a fun twist on the Crispy M&M’s, and it was first noticed by Instagrammer @munchiebunchie at their local Target.


If you’re lucky, your Target may have these baddies as well but, if not, just keep checking. A representative told the TODAY Show that shoppers can expect to find these Creepy Cocoa Crisp M&M’s in Target over the coming months.

If you can’t wait for the Creepy Cocoa Crisp or Ghoul’s Mix to drop, head over to Amazon, where you can find other limited-edition Halloween M&M’s, like the “Cookies & Screeem” flavor. With a spooky black shell and a creamy cookie center, these M&M’s are perfect for Halloween celebrations or solo snacking.


Not in a vampy mood? Then go for the sophisticated yet simple Fall Harvest M&M’s, which come in a mix of fun fall colors. Find them on Amazon.


Or you can satisfy your Halloween cookie craving with these ghostly Pillsbury sugar cookies that are premade and take just 12 minutes to bake.


And be sure to look for other seasonal cookie favorites, including Trader Joe’s Halloween Joe Joe’s! This fun twist on the beloved Joes Joe’s features orange creme sandwiched between two chocolate cookies carved into a fun Jack-o-Lantern shape.


Do you have a favorite Halloween cookie you make each year?