M&M’s Return For Fun-Filled Sequel Of Their Classic 1996 Christmas Commercial

Back in 1996, M&M’s released a holiday commercial that has since become iconic.

Red and Yellow — that is, a red and a yellow M&M who can walk and talk — encounter Santa Claus delivering gifts on Christmas Eve. Upon seeing Santa in the flesh, Red and Yellow exclaim, “He does exist!” To which Santa replies, “They do exist!” Not believing their own eyes, both Red and Santa faint.

The cute commercial has aired every year during the holiday season since its original release. Check out the classic spot on YouTube here:


This year, M&M’s is releasing a sequel to give everyone a long-overdue update on what happened after Red and Santa keeled over. The new commercial aired for the first time during the annual Christmas Tree lighting at Rockefeller Center in New York on NBC on Nov. 29.

rockefeller center tree 2017 photo
Getty Images | Theo Wargo

Entitled “Faint 2: A Very Yellow Sequel,” it follows Yellow as he attempts to do Santa’s job for him.

“I have to save Christmas!” Yellow declares before taking off on Santa’s sled to deliver presents. Everything doesn’t go as planned, though, and Yellow ends up dropping off presents at all the wrong houses.

A worker in what appears to be a sort of “control” tower for Santa’s sleigh rings up the big boss on his cell phone, alerting him to the disaster that’s ensued. But then something magical happens: In an effort to get the gifts into the hands of their rightful recipients, people step out of their homes and knock on neighbors’ doors to fix the mixup.

Yellow sadly asks if he’s ruined Christmas, to which Red replies, “Actually, buddy, I think you made it even better” as the camera pans to neighbors cheerfully embracing each other and sharing in the holiday spirit.

The words, “Bring everyone together with M&M’s,” appear on the screen at the end.

Check out M&M’s’ adorable new commercial below:


We’re sure you’ll see a lot more of it this holiday season!

If you’re craving even more of Red and Yellow’s funny interactions, M&M’s Facebook page has got you covered.

In a recent one, Red strikes a racy pose in a family’s otherwise sweet and family-friendly holiday photo.

Take a look at their Facebook page photos for more of this type of cheeky humor:

You’re likely to find that you and Red have a LOT more in common than you thought you might!