M&M’s just released a new flavor: White Chocolate Marshmallow


Spring has sprung and that means Easter is on its way. This year, you have until April 21 to get your eggs filled for the backyard hunt and your baskets all wrapped up in a bow.

While you have your standard Easter candy, like jelly beans and chocolate eggs, if you’re looking for some new treats, Target has a brand new M&M’s flavor that’s perfect for spring — White Chocolate Marshmallow!

The new white chocolate marshmallow M&M’s come in pastel colors, making them perfect for Easter — and as a treat for all of spring. They’re available exclusively at Target for around $3.19 a bag.


Of course, they sound amazing all on their own, but white chocolate and marshmallow? I’ll definitely be adding them to some Easter desserts and spring baked goods. I could totally see them as a topping on this Easter toffee bark. Not only are the colors perfect, but the recipe itself calls for white chocolate, so you’ll be getting a double dose.


Along with the M&M’s, Target also has other new, exclusive candy this Easter, including Dove white chocolate carrot cake treats. M&M’s also has another new flavor hitting shelves this month — Hazelnut spread — so keep an eye out for those as well!

And if marshmallow flavors happen to be a favorite of yours, don’t forget about Peeps! They’re also launching new flavors for Easter. Cotton candy, pancakes & syrup, orange sherbet dipped in creme-flavored fudge, root beer float, vanilla crème, chocolate caramel swirl and blue raspberry are on store shelves now and through Easter.

You can also now buy Peeps coffee creamer or, if you’re handy in the kitchen, make your own Peeps! You’ll need sugar, yellow gel, powder gelatin, black gel food dye and some other ingredients you likely already have on hand, like sugar and vanilla. It’s a bit complicated, though, so if you’re not great at baking, you might want to just buy some pre-made Peeps instead.

Just Born Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Marshmallow Peeps Candy
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Will you be trying the new white chocolate marshmallow M&M’s this Easter?

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