M&M’s ‘mixed bags’ have 3 different kinds inside each bag

M&M's Classic Mix
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M&M’s are some of my favorite candies, but there has always been one problem with them. How are you supposed to choose between classic milk chocolate, peanut, peanut butter and the many other varieties on the candy shelf?

Well, M&M’s has given us the perfect solution: put multiple varieties in one bag, of course! In a move that has been requested by fans for years, M&M’s Mix packs combine three different kinds of M&M’s into two different variety packs.

The Classic Mix includes perhaps the three most iconic types: milk chocolate, peanut and peanut butter. A definite crowd-pleaser!

Mars, Inc.

If you like even more peanuts with your chocolate, the Peanut Mix will include three varieties of peanut M&M’s covered in different shells: milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate.

In an Instagram post where they announced the new mixes in September 2020, M&M’s said they will be hitting retail shelves nationwide in April 2021. Target now has the Classic Mix in a 8.3-ounce bag for $2.99. The Peanut Mix is the same size and price.

Mars, Inc.

Of course, you can easily make some mixes yourself, if you don’t mind buying all the varieties separately and combining them. Or, you could make some other M&M’s treats, like a Hershey bar cake or some M&M’s explosion pumpkin cookies.

If you’d rather stick to just buying treats and not making them yourself, you can get jars of Crispy M&M’s chocolate spread on Amazon or M&M’s Minis popcorn from Snack Pop.

The popcorn is sweet and salty and is drizzled with chocolate, then coated in M&M’s Minis. You can order the M&M’s Minis popcorn in two- or eight-count packs of 5-and-1/4-ounce bags from Snack Pop’s website for either $7.98 or $29.99, respectively. You can also find it in 16-packs full of 1-ounce bags at Sam’s Club as part of a variety pack that also includes Snickers popcorn and Twix popcorn.

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Which kind of M&M’s are your favorite?

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