I Tried M&M’s New Neapolitan Ice Cream Flavor

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Neapolitan has always been my favorite flavor of ice cream. I love that you get to have three flavors at once (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla), and the color combination is just so pretty!

So I was quite chuffed when I heard that M&M’s unveiled a Neapolitan flavor just in time for spring. However, it took me a bit of time to find them in stock at my nearby grocery stores or my local Target. But I refused to give up on my hunt — Neapolitan M&Ms WOULD be mine!

I even looked on Amazon, where they are available , but you have to pay for a pack of four — including other flavors like white chocolate, which I think is an abomination. So, if you want to try these bad boys, just keep your eyes peeled at Target, as they are a spring exclusive there.

When I opened the Neapolitan M&M’s, I first noticed how gorgeous they are. This might be a strange thing to say about a candy, but can someone please make a nail polish color that looks like these pastel pink M&Ms?

Bridget Sharkey

The next thing I noticed was the smell. Right away, you get a whiff of the easily identifiable smell of Neapolitan ice cream. It made me feel like it was summertime and I had just walked into a ice cream shoppe.

Now it was time for the taste test. Would these little chocolate candies truly taste like Neapolitan ice cream?

I took a bite, then several more. My verdict? Heck, yes, they do taste just like my favorite ice cream! They really packed authentic vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavor into each bite.

Bridget Sharkey

While I have to admit there is a bit of a chemical taste, overall these new M&Ms are simply delicious. I’m impressed by how closely the flavor resembles the iconic ice cream dish.

If you want to scoop up these new M&Ms, here’s a word to the wise: They are only available for a limited time, so if you try them and love this flavor, you better stock up!