M&Ms released new cookies and cream-flavored candies

Boo! M&Ms is here to surprise you with their latest launch. If you weren’t already convinced that autumn brings the best flavors, M&Ms is here to prove it to you. Not only are they rolling out white pumpkin pie-flavored candies just in time for the fall season, but they’re also launching cookies-and-cream-flavored M&Ms, which are cleverly called  “Cookies & Screeem.”

If you love Oreos and M&Ms, then you need to try this cookies-and-cream mash-up. The outsides of the M&M candies are dark chocolate, and they’re filled with a white chocolate center. Yummy! The new candies are being sold exclusively at  Target and are available now for $3 per bag.

We have the Junk Banter social media accounts to thank for bringing this to our attention. They posted a photo of a bag spotted at Target, and the internet went crazy. People seem more than ready to get their hands on this new flavor.

One Facebook user wrote, “Get me these immediately,” on Junk Banter’s post, and we have to say we’re having all of the same feelings right about now. Gotta have these, stat!

If you’re not into the pumpkin takeover that’s bound to come this fall season, then the cookies and cream M&Ms will likely be a welcome new treat. There aren’t reviews of the Cookies & Screeem M&Ms just yet, but some folks have gotten the chance to sample the white pumpkin pie flavor already.

The YouTube channel Powered By Ice Cream reviewed the pumpkin candies and gave a thumbs up to the white chocolate flavor that replaces the traditional milk chocolate. You can see the full review in the video below.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sz_GdFrGiPQ” /]

Will you be filling up trick-or-treaters baskets with the new cookies and cream-inspired M&Ms or will you be saving these all for yourself? The choice is yours, but in any case, you’ll have to head over to your local Target to make sure you get your hands on these before they sell out!