M&M’s is releasing a white chocolate Key lime pie flavor


M&M’s is known for spinning out new varieties of its bite-sized chocolate candies. In addition to the classics like milk chocolate, peanut and peanut butter, you can find creative M&M flavors such as caramel, coffee nut and mint dark chocolate.

Now, it’s looking like M&M’s will be rolling out yet another inventive flavor: Key Lime Pie, made with white chocolate. The Instagram account @candyhunting spotted the latest M&M’s flavor on Meijer’s website, but the Key lime flavor isn’t for sale yet. The site does indicate that it’s an Easter flavor, so we can probably expect these M&M’s to become available around March.

Simplemost reached out to Mars, Incorporated to get the scoop, but mum’s the word on the latest M&M’s flavor.

“We continually look for ways to surprise and delight M&M’S fans,” a company spokeswoman said. “While we don’t have additional information at this time, we’re always excited to share news of our latest innovations and will share updates as they are available.”

Back in 2017, Delish published a slideshow of real and fake M&M flavors, asking readers if they could differentiate between the crazy M&M varieties that actually exist and the ones that they dreamed up and labeled with Photoshopped packaging.

Interestingly, Key lime M&M’s were among the ones the editors dreamed up, describing the flavor as a white chocolate candy studded with graham cracker bits and a description that said, “Oh. My. Pie.” While the flavor was fake, Delish had a message to Mars, Incorporated: “But M&M’s, we’ll totally let you steal that idea.”

The Key lime M&M isn’t the only new candy product that appears to be in the making. Mystery Mix Eggs were also spotted on Meijer’s website by @candyhunting and these candies have chocolate, peanut butter and double chocolate M&M’s all in one bag.

Also in the works are M&M’s variety packs that put multiple flavors in a single bag. The classic mix bag, for example, will include peanut, peanut butter and milk chocolate all in one bag.

Mars, Inc.

Are you an M&M’s purist or do you like the crazy flavors that the company comes up with?

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