Model With Down Syndrome Makes History With Major Modeling Contract

When a kick butt brand devoted to body positivity and a model known for shattering barriers combines forces, it’s a match made in heaven.

Haircare brand, Beauty & Pin-Ups made Katie Meade the face of its most recent campaign. This makes Meade the first-ever model with Down Syndrome to take on a role of this kind. So, when I said Meade was breaking down barriers, I meant it.

The product she’s representing, called Fearless Hair Rescue Masque, is all about restoring unhealthy, damaged hair to rejuvenate it once more. This product proves that with a little tender love and care (and a hint of fearlessness) you can breathe life into your hair, all while looking and feeling beautiful. Meade herself is the perfect embodiment of what a bit of self-love and tenacity can do.

Not only is she the face of this campaign, she’s also a Special Olympic Gold Medalist and an ambassador for the organization Best Buddies, which works to create opportunities for those living with disabilities.

“The Beauty & Pin-Ups brand is a celebration of the empowerment of a woman and what it took to be a pin-up in 1935, and carrying that message in a modern sense,” Beauty & Pin-Ups CEO Kenny Kahn said in an interview with PeopleStyle.

“So as we were launching this product, in our mind it could have been the next traditional pin-up — but as soon as we came up with the name “Fearless” it was really easy, we were like, ‘Well Katie’s fearless.’”

I’d say they really nailed finding an inspirational, modern-day woman to represent their product. With a mission like this, Beauty & Pin-Ups is definitely a brand I’m willing to get behind!

Check out this video to learn more about Meade and your new go-to beauty brand.

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Now, get to shopping so you can come to own an incredible hair restorative, with a message that’s even more amazing than the product itself.

Beauty & Pin-Ups

Fearless Hair Rescue Treatment Kit, $10,

[h/t: Self Magazine]