Mom Hilariously ‘Closes’ Living Room To Keep It Clean For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away! It’s crunch time for Turkey Day hosts everywhere. Whether you are having a large group of people over or just a handful of friends and family, hosting for Thanksgiving can be a high-pressure occasion. After all, Thanksgiving only comes once a year and it is many people’s favorite holiday… so you don’t want to drop the ball!

One mom on a Thanksgiving past worked to make sure that her house is in tip-top shape. As her son Nick Denbow shared on Twitter, his mom is laying down the law in order to keep her living room ready for company.

“Special permission” to enter the room will be considered, the mom writes, only if:

1. You have showered and are dirt and odor free from top to toe.

2. You are wearing freshly laundered clothing.

She notes that no food and drink will be allowed, and signs the note with a series of titles including “Mom,” “Payer of the bills,” “Chauffeur,” “Queen of the castle” and “Person ruining your life.”

Her note went viral, and for good reason! Parents and kids will both enjoy the story, as it speaks to the age-old battle of trying to keep the house clean even in the face of childhood chaos.

Parents across the country said they think Nick’s mom is definitely onto something!

And kids are saying that they can definitely relate.

To some kids, this is looking awfully familiar. CM wrote, “mom has literally done this before.”

Tara O. wrote that her mom closed their living room for years.

Let’s just say Mrs. Denbow is definitely starting a trend.

Here’s hoping Nick and his siblings followed the rules! There might be pumpkin pie at stake.