This Mom Crocheted An Incredible Ghostbusters Halloween Costume For Her Son—Without A Pattern

Talented moms have been handmaking their kids’ Halloween costumes for decades, but one Cleveland woman just raised the bar, big time. Artisan and mom of two Stephanie Pokorny crocheted her sons’ Halloween costumes this year, and the results are absolutely incredible.

Pokorny’s son wanted to be Slimer from “Ghostbusters,” and he wanted his costume to glow in the dark.

“Jack’s choice and I am basically in love and want him to wear it forever and ever!” Pokorny wrote on her Facebook post showing her son wearing the costume. “Fully crocheted. No pattern.”

Wow! That is truly a work of art. Pokorny didn’t even use a pattern for the costume, creating the entire thing freehand and officially earning herself a place in the Halloween Mom Hall of Fame.

Oh, and yes indeed, it does glow in the dark, thanks to some help from non-toxic acrylic paint. She posted a photo of the glowing Slimer on Instagram:


Pokorny runs a website called Crochetverse where she shares tips, techniques and free crochet patterns with other crochet fans. From stuffed animals to blankets to crop tops to finger puppets, Crochetverse is helping to make this classic art form more accessible and modern for artisan everywhere.

And not only did this talented mom make a Slimer costume for her son Jack, who is 3 and a half, but she also crocheted a costume for her eldest son, Jacob, who is 6.

And Jacob? He wanted to be Predator. No big deal. Just one of Hollywood’s most intricate monsters. Can you do it, Mom? Here’s the result:

Look at that detail. And it fits him like a glove. With costumes like these, their trick-or-treat bags are sure to be overflowing.

Here is a picture of the gifted artist with her two boys. And note her crocheted witch hat.

If you love to crochet and you want to make yourself a similar witch’s hat, you can! She included a link to the pattern in this Twitter post:

Do you make your kids’ Halloween costumes?