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Mom Delivers 13-Pound Baby Without An Epidural

And this picture's precisely the face we'd expect to see after birthing a 13-pound baby!

Let me be the first to admit: I had an epidural both times I gave birth. I couldn’t fathom the idea of pushing a human being out of my lady parts without the use of modern chemistry.

It seemed, and still does, unthinkable. I bow down to any woman who has the strength to do this, while I proudly stand on my epidural soapbox for those who don’t.

The fact is, the average American baby weighs seven and a half pounds. So, let’s just assume most babies are born between 5.5 and 9ish pounds—that is a whole lot of human to push out into the world.

Therefore, in my mind, all the epidural-free women of the world deserve a medal. But one Australian mom deserves a crown.

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Natashia Corrigan gave birth to a healthy 13.5-pound baby boy without an epidural in January. Yes, you read that correctly. Baby Brian weighed twice that of an average baby and his mom birthed him au naturel.

The brave and powerful woman was aided by nothing but a bit of laughing gas, a supportive partner and the power of positive thinking. She told Herald Sun that because he was so big it was a bit hard to get him out. But the staff remained calm and pulled in a few extra staff members to help.

And look at her! She’s still smiling. Hear that sound? That’s me standing up slow clapping. Seriously. I don’t know how she did it.