A Mom Fighting Cancer Somehow Found The Strength To Rescue 4 Teenage Boys

You should never underestimate what you’re capable of doing, especially with a little willpower and determination. A mom who is fighting cancer taught herself that when she rescued not one, but four teenage boys.

According to TODAY, Lelania Chapman had seven cancer treatments under her belt when she decided to take her 9-year-old son and some of his neighborhood friends for a hike. She had, in fact, just finished a round of radiation the day prior. While hiking that day, she stumbled upon four boys who had stranded themselves on a cliff.

Chapman said she heard shouting and found the boys, but had no cell service to call anyone for help. So, it was up to her to save them. She got a rope, tied the rope to a tree as well as around her waist and threw it back to the boys.

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One by one, she worked to pull the boys up. Starting with the biggest boy first so that he could help her with the others.

“I was pulling with everything in me,” she told CBC.

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Learning that she was stronger than she ever knew, even after months of cancer treatment and recently learning that the cancer had spread, sent a powerful message to her and her son.

“He said ‘You know what, mom? You are going to [beat] cancer because you are the strongest mom around,'” she told TODAY. “That is probably one of the most important lessons that I learned that day. I do have the strength.”

Chapman will need continued treatment, and if you’d like to contribute, there’s been a Go Fund Me page set up in her honor. You can donate by visiting here.

[h/t: TODAY]