This mom flew to see her daughter because she had a headache

Moms hate to see their children sick, but one mom seriously went above and beyond to make sure her daughter was doing OK.

On Friday, March 16, Grace Li, a 22-year-old teacher who lives in New York City, texted her mom to tell her she was feeling a little under the weather. Li’s mother, Shixia Huang, decided she’d come by and check on her, as many moms would.

But did I mention that Huang lives in Texas?!

When Saturday rolled around, Li was shocked to see her mom at her doorstep.

She tweeted about the surprise visit, and the internet is ready to give Huang the award of World’s Best Mom.

Li’s now-viral tweet illustrates her mom’s unwavering dedication to her little girl.

“Me on the phone with my mom last night: I’m sick. Her: Ok I can catch the next flight. Me: Is that a joke?”

It most definitely was not a joke. Huang’s visit stemmed from her intuition that her daughter needed more than just a Tylenol to make her headache go away. The mom told BuzzFeed about quickly making plans to go see her daughter after a phone call.

“I called her and she told me that she had this headache and we also chatted about her day and her weekend plans,” Huang said to BuzzFeed. “I felt that the headache was a bit unusual and that she missed home.”

So, she did what any mom would do: “left work, went home and packed, and arrived in New York that night.” Simple as that.

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People online can’t handle how sweet this mother-daughter duo is. Li’s tweet, which has been liked more than 9,000 times since March 17, essentially caused Twitter to turn into a love fest, celebrating all great moms.

“This is beautiful, & your mom is awesome,” one person wrote on Twitter in reply to Li’s post.

“Moms … there’s nothing like em,” another person tweeted.

Others shared stories of times their mom had gone above and beyond for them, too:

And not to worry—Li’s mom made sure she was feeling better and that she went to a doctor. An update from Li read, “The first thing she did was zip me to her doctor friend. I was like ‘Mom it’s fine I’m sure this stabby head pain will pass,” but, nevertheless, Huang persisted.

Huang also managed to make sure her daughter had a fridge stocked with food before heading back to Texas.

Before she left she stayed up the night before cooking so I would have food for the rest of the week!” Li told BuzzFeed. “She packed me two lunches and bought tupperware to store all the other food and now my fridge is so full.”

This is the perfect example of a mom doing what they do best! And this kind of thing happens all the time if you look online—even celebrity mom Sally Field couldn’t keep from meddling in her son’s personal life when she found out he had a crush on Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon.

And what do you know, Field’s son got to meet to meet Rippon shortly after that. Oh, moms—what would we do without them?

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