Mom Says She Found Mold In Her Son’s Applesauce Pouches

After her son said his Mott’s applesauce pouch tasted, ahem, “like poop,” Texas mom Alecia Bailey Cullum decided to cut open his snack to investigate. Inside, she says she discovered something pretty disgusting—chunks of green mold.

She cut open a second, then took a video as she cut open the third one. Inside the third packet are again what appear to be large chunks of mold. In the video, Cullum says the mold is also in the spout of the product.

Cullum posted the video to Facebook and since March 23, it has been viewed 32 million times and has 13,000 shares.

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“I have been feeding my children this for years,” she says in the video. “My oldest is almost four and he has been eating Mott’s applesauce in the packets since he was little.”

The products expire in August 2017 and Cullum writes on Facebook that they were kept in the fridge since they were purchased a week before she found the mold. She warns against buying food and drinks in pounches.

If this all sounds far too familiar—that’s because it is. In March 2016, applesauce maker GoGo squeeZ also recalled some of their product pouches due to mold. Mold has also been found in Capri Sun packets.

Facebook/Alecia Bailey Cullum

Mott’s is currently investigating Cullum’s incident, telling, “Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our consumers and the safety and quality of our products.”

They say they used Cullum’s photos to analyze samples from the same production run and found no issues.

“We have also received no similar, related calls or complaints from other people that could be connected to the issue in this consumer’s social media posts,” they said. “Nevertheless, we are continuing our investigation and working to obtain the affected product from the consumer so we can inspect the packaging and determine a root cause.”

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If you purchased applesauce pouches and are worried, you can call Mott’s at 800-426-4891 or email with questions.

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