This Mom Shows Ultimate ‘Tough Love’ When Daughter Doesn’t Clean Her Room

Alice Velasquez clearly has had enough. Instead of telling her teenage daughter to clean her room until she was blue in the face, she decided to do it for her — in a manner that will teach her to forever keep her room tidy.

As many parents can relate, when words failed, Velasquez decided to take action instead, and she shared pictures of her methods in a Facebook post that received over 12,000 shares.

“What do you do when you are DONE telling your teenage daughters to stop letting their room look like homeless people live there?” she wrote. “You put everything (YES, EVERYTHING) into plastic bags and you sell it back to them for $25 a bag (and they have to earn the money doing chores).”

That’s right. Not only did this mom bag up all the items in her daughter’s room, but she’s also now selling it back to her at $25 a bag!

Velasquez notes in her post that she collected the items in the room at random. Because of this, her daughter won’t know which bag contains dirty clothes and which contains her (presumably much-needed) soccer gear.

Here’s her post, below:

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Dad’s Solution To Son’s Door-Slamming Habit

Ever slam the door on your parents when you were younger? Probably, to some extent.

Maybe you just closed it hard — or maybe you really slammed it shut. The teen years are typically filled with some parental battles of will, and this one was no exception. The dad involved decided to get creative in his response to his son’s door-slamming behavior.

As you can see, the teen involved slammed it one too many times, and that last slam was the final straw.


His dad decided to go get a saw and … cut the door in half. (This is what’s known as a “Dutch Door.” The dad might’ve gone to this “How To Make A DIY Interior Dutch Door” article, no?) Slamming the door doesn’t have quite the same effect when you only have half of it.

Maybe the best part of all of this? It was this teen’s sister, of all people, who decided to share her brother’s picture and story on Reddit. Gotta love siblings!

Mom’s Viral Facebook Post Is Parenting ‘In A Nutshell’

The last-minute school project is a cherished tradition for kids and it’s a character-building experience all parents must go through at some point. You can only hope that, when you do, you can at least find the humor in it.

Take Rachael Pavlik, a Houston mother of two who writes the blog RachRiot. At 9 p.m. one night, Pavlik’s 11-year-old daughter, Camille, informed her that she kind of needed a white poster board for school and she kind of needed it ASAP.

“Apparently, she knew she needed it for a full week before asking,” Pavlik told TODAY. “Whining and tears — from her, mostly — ensued before I stomped out of the house to two different stores for the damn poster board. I put on a bra and everything.”

Her battle outfit complete, Pavlik ventured out into the cut-throat world of night-before shopping and was able to find a poster board at the second store she went to. Crisis averted! Or so it seemed — until the next morning came.

“She made it out of the house with the poster board safely rolled in a rubber band,” Pavlik told TODAY. “I kissed both kids goodbye. I was feeling really good about life until I went for my morning walk and rounded the corner where the bus stop is.”

Around the corner, sitting all by its lonesome was *DUN DUN DUN*:

As you can see from the photo, the poster board did not catch the bus with Camille. Imagine mom’s frustration at that moment!

Pavlik had a good laugh and posted the photo on her blog with the title, “Parenting in a Nutshell.” The post has more than 4,000 shares and 1,000 comments, and parents everywhere are nodding knowingly.

Pavlik said she did not take the poster board to Camille, who likely had to make up some sort of excuse for the teacher, another cherished student tradition.

“This isn’t the first time she has left things behind, so it was a teachable moment,” Pavlik told TODAY. “My kids hate my teachable moments.”

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