Mom’s Stunning Photo Celebrates Rainbow Baby Pregnancy After 6 Miscarriages

What a beautiful way to celebrate a rainbow baby!

The birth of a child is always an exciting moment. But, rainbow babies are a little extra special. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a rainbow baby is one born after the loss of a infant or after a miscarriage.

For Jessica Mahoney, the road to having her second child was not easy. She went through six miscarriages before getting pregnant for the seventh time. When it came time for a maternity photo shoot, she and her husband, Kevin, knew this had to be “extra special.”

According to Huffington Post, Kevin reached out to photographer JoAnn Marrero to capture this special moment for the family. Marrero emailed Jessica back and forth, and they decided that the photo shoot needed to be fun.

And fun it was, indeed. They decided to add a literal rainbow effect to the photos using colored smoke bombs.

“It was quite the explosive surprise and really funny!” Marrero told HuffPost. “One by one each smoke bomb was set (and not without some duds too), with each burst of color we watched this portrait coming to life.”

As one could imagine, working with these smoke bombs was also quite messy, covering everyone with colorful residue. But it was well worth it, as the results are truly stunning.

It’s no wonder this beautiful photo has gone viral. This picture represents such a momentous moment in this mom’s life and reminds anyone struggling with fertility issues that at the end of a storm comes a rainbow. And that rainbow can change your life.

In a photo caption, Jessica spread a message of hope. “Six babies lost to have the honor to carry this rainbow baby,” she wrote. “I hope my story helps someone else to know they are not alone, as the journey of loss and infertility is dark and lonely.”