Mom and toddler are reunited with the stranger who saved the child’s life in Subway

Subway Settles Not-Really Foot Long Sandwich Litigation
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He was just hungry for a sandwich, but that evening craving turned into an opportunity for one man to save a child’s life.

It happened this spring, when Mary Wright went to an Illinois Subway with her kids during dinnertime. The kids were enjoying their food when the unimaginable happened. She wrote:

My son was sitting in his stroller when he started to choke on the chips he was eating and was turning blue and losing air. I couldn’t get him out of his stroller fast enough when a gentleman ordering his food rushed over and took action and pulled my son out of his stroller and was able to get the chip out of his mouth and my son began to breathe again.

But once Wright came out of the bathroom after cleaning her son Noah up, the guardian angel was gone.

A Social Media Search

Wright asked people on Facebook to help her find the person who saved her son’s life, and after enough shares, and some media appearances, she tracked him down. That customer turned out to be Patrick Kissane, according to the Chicago Tribune, and Wright made plans to meet and thank him for his quick action.

After their meeting, Wright posted a photo of her son with Kissane. “We met today and got to talk and have lunch and Noah took to him right away,” she wrote. “I can not thank EVERYONE THROUGH FACEBOOK that helped make this possible.”

Wright told CBS she gifted Kissane a photo of Noah and, of course, a Subway gift card.


Get Prepared By Learning CPR

Wright’s family’s happy ending is a good reminder to learn CPR in case you ever find yourself in a similar situation. If you’re around babies often, it’s important to sign up for an infant CPR class. You can refresh your skills here, too.

And if you’re alone and find yourself choking, there are steps you can take as well. Check out this tutorial to learn now, so you’re prepared in case of an emergency.

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