Mom used her own breast milk to make brownies for bake sale

Who doesn’t love a school bake sale? Cakes. Cookies. Brownies. You get to enjoy awesome and delicious homemade treats while supporting a worthy cause. Right? Clear the way to the cupcakes! I’m coming through!

Except you might want to think twice before biting into an ooey-gooey bake sale offering after reading this viral Facebook post, in which a mom admits she substituted her own breast milk for regular milk in the brownies she whipped up.

“I need some advice,” this mom writes. “I made brownies for my school bake sale that had breastmilk [sic] in them. I didn’t have time to run to the store and didn’t think it was a big deal…”

Um….WHAT!? Are my eyes deceiving me? Did this woman just confess to feeding her breast milk to unsuspecting strangers? Because she didn’t feel like running to the market?

Unsurprisingly, people are freaking out about this woman’s bizarre brownie recipe.

Too funny!

While it is so wrong to feed uninformed people your liquid gold, there actually are many people who use breast milk in the kitchen. Some people just use breast milk in their coffee or their cereal, while others have used it to replace milk in Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, while still others use it to make dinner rolls or cupcakes.

Hmm. Many of these cooks say their families can’t tell the difference, and that the breast milk is a pretty on-par substitute for any recipe that requires cows’ milk. And after all, breast milk does have many amazing health benefits.

There was even an ice cream shop called The IceCreamists that made ice cream with donated breast milk from “healthy, lactating mothers.” It was called “Baby Gaga” and included vanilla and lemon zest, along with breast milk. The makers of the cream promised that the breast milk was pasteurized, and that the milk donors were healthy and had been medically screened. Still… it looks like that shop has since closed.

And the idea of eating ice cream made from another woman’s breasts is pretty odd…even if we do drink milk from cows’ udders, goats’ udders, etc. I guess if we are willing to drink milk from a random animal, it shouldn’t gross us out so much to drink milk from a friend…or should it?

What do you think? Would you be game for eating something made with breast milk? Do you think it’s no different than cows’ milk, or does it give you the creeps?

[h/t: US Weekly]