This mom used pizza to mark her baby’s monthly progress in photos—and the results are so cute


Documenting your baby’s milestones are just part of the parenting gig. You feed your baby, you sing to your baby and you take tons and tons of pictures of your baby. It’s just what you do as a mom or dad. Marking each passing month in a special way, usually while fitting a certain theme, has become the thing for parents to do on Instagram. But one photographer mom was ready to think of something out of the box for her second child.

In doing so, she opted to take photos inside of a box — a pizza box, that is. Dani Leigh Giannandrea of Dani Leigh Photography told PopSugar that she was racking her brain for ideas of how to document her baby’s first year in a way that hasn’t “seriously been so played out.” That’s when her mom gave her the idea of doing an Italian theme to match her baby’s name, Lorenzo, who is adorably nicknamed Enzo.

And so, the idea of using pizza to document the passing time (and to keep their family fed while doing so!) was born.

“The theme was inspired by my mom, Lorenzo’s grammy, saying that I had to do something Italian as an ode to his name,” she told PopSugar. “I had originally just thought about using pizza-shaped plates and just doing that in a pizza box every month but then I figured if we were going to do this, we may as well do it right and get dinner out of it once a month. Anything to make mommin’ easier.”

Following Enzo’s first birthday, the mom shared the end results of a year spent watching her baby grow (and photographing him with pizza along the way) on Instagram.

“Finally ready to unveil Enzo’s monthly photos!! My mom said I had to do something Italian as an ode to his name. What is better than having pizza once a month to take these adorbs photos? This has been a labor of love but I’m so excited with how they turned out,” she wrote.

The end result is absolutely adorable (and was delicious at the time, we’re sure!). This mom definitely succeeded in coming up with a unique way to celebrate and document each monthly milestone.

Based on the reactions on social media, parents and pizza lovers alike also love this idea.

“Omg this is the cutest, most creative thing I’ve seen in a long time! Great job,” Instagram user @sloane.aubry commented on the post.

Some parents are even wishing they had thought of the idea themselves. “WHY DIDN’T WE DO THIS,” one commenter who goes by the handle @bugandbeanstictching wrote on the post.

Agreed. After all, the more milestones celebrated with pizza, the better.

This could very well become a new trend. Way to go, mom and baby Enzo!

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