Mom Writes A Note To Some ‘Mean Girls’ She Overheard In Starbucks

One North Carolina mom’s Starbucks experience was soured recently when she overheard the conversation happening at a nearby table of teenage girls.

“This morning, I sat at a table at my local Starbucks and I listened to three very pretty, very boisterous, horribly behaved young teenage girls at a table near me,” Michelle Icard, a mom blogger and author of a book about helping kids navigate middle school, wrote in her blog post for Today Parenting.

The girls were making fun of everything from a “weird” girl’s decision to sing about being lonely in a talent show to “crappy” gifts they had received. Icard found herself squirming in her chair the longer she sat and listened to the girls’ banter, and debated whether or not to say something.

Icard ultimately left the Starbucks but later decided to return after seeing that the girls were still there. She penned the girls a note about kindness and then, kindly, decided to give it to them along with three mini Frappuccinos.

“You are smart, and you are pretty,” Icard wrote. “It would take nothing from you to also be kind.”

She didn’t stick around to see the girls reaction to her note, but you have to think that even if they laughed it off on the surface, somewhere deep down they took her advice to heart.

Read Icard’s note below: