Mom’s Honest Excuse For Daughter’s Tardiness Will Make You LOL

Yep, we can relate to this mom.

Okay, I love this mother. She is pretty much my hero. Why are we all not as honest as she is? It would be so much easier than pretending.

Reddit user Colieoh posted this picture of the school sign-in sheet. Apparently, a friend had brought her daughter in late to school and rather than coming up with a creative explanation, the mom decided just to put it all out there. “Bad parenting” was her sole explanation for the tardiness.

My friend was running late to drop off her daughter at school. from funny

While we don’t know much more about the story behind the sign-in sheet, part of me hopes that this honest mom comes out and explains what happened that morning.

But then there is another part of me that is enjoying coming up with my own explanations. Had the mother gone to see “Bad Moms” the night before? Did the hilarious flick inspire her to shut off the alarm and stay up late drinking wine?

Or, perhaps the woman was parroting the words of her cranky daughter who was forced to do some ludicrous task before heading to school—you know, something like finishing her homework or cleaning up her room.

Maybe the truth will be discovered and maybe it won’t, but whatever the explanation, I’m sure it would be an honest one.