More People Died From Selfie Pictures Than Shark Attacks

This may sound like a joke, but it’s actually very real. With the explosive growth of selfie pictures, people are going to extremes to capture the perfect photo. Year-to-date, more people have died from taking selfie’s than shark attacks.

This week, a Japanese tourist died after falling down a flight of stairs while trying to take a picture at the Taj Mahal.   His travel companion was also injured during the attempted shot.

According to Mashable, this was the 12th reported death this year caused by taking a selfie. This is 50% more than deaths caused by shark attacks, which are currently at eight.

Parks and landmarks have had to start closing off areas and issue warnings to people of the danger than can come to taking selfies in certain locations.  A park in Colorado recently was forced to closed due to people trying to take selfies with bears.  Yes, you heard that right, people are attempting to take selfies with bears.  This past July, the Russian Interior Ministry released a brochure and issued a warning stating that selfies “could cost you your life.”

If you ever find yourself in a beautiful place and you want to take that extra dangerous step to capture the perfect picture, please just remember that sometimes it’s better to live the moment instead of risking your life to snap a pic.