13 Of The Most Clever Pregnancy Announcements On The Internet

In the old days, pregnancy announcements were unheard of. In fact, women went to great lengths to hide the news, even going so far as to stay in the house for a “confinement” period. Even in more modern times, pregnancy was considered a bit of a dirty word. For example, on “I Love Lucy,” network censors would not let the cast use the word “pregnant” at all—even as the character was rushing to the hospital to give birth!


Thankfully, those days are far behind us. Now, we can be proud of our baby bumps and revel in our pregnancy bliss. So, if you are ready to announce your pregnancy, check out some of these funny, sweet and adorable ideas!

1. The “Uh-Oh!” Face From The Big Sis

If you have older kids, definitely enlist them to help out with the announcement.



2. The Halloween-Themed Reveal

Whether it’s Christmas, St. Pat’s Day or Halloween, make the most of seasonal props!

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3. The Funny Couple

Don’t be afraid to show your sense of humor and poke a little fun at the concept as a whole. Kissing bellies? Sure, it’s cute—but even funnier when you turn it on its head!



4. The Foul-Mouthed Realists

Let’s be real. Becoming a parent is no joke. Props to the parents who aren’t afraid to be honest. After all, having a baby can be quite scary, especially for first-timers! Yep. Things are about to get real.



5. The Perfect Pun

“Prego” pasta sauce announcements have been overdone, but there are still plenty of puns that get the message across!



6. Diaper Pin Adorableness

This one requires a little bit of thought, but it’s so sweet and timeless. It just makes you smile, doesn’t it?



7. The Clueless New Parents

It can be hard to go from being a young, carefree couple who loves to travel and have fun to becoming new parents! Kudos to those new moms and dads who aren’t afraid to be frank and say: “We’re in a little over our heads here!”



8. Bye-Bye, Bubbly

Becoming pregnant means that you have to give up a lot of things, including alcohol. This pregnancy announcement says it all. Don’t worry, mama, it’s worth it!



9. Telling It Like It Is

This one is just too perfect! Love their sense of humor.


10. Baby On Board

And, remember, it is always a good idea to relate it back to your interests and hobbies, just like this one!


11. Grumpy Cat

Here’s another hilarious one. This cat’s face is priceless!



12. Elegant And Simple

And how chic is this one? You can imagine a regal mum like Duchess Kate Middleton announcing a pregnancy like this.



13. A Couple Of Comedians

This one might be one of our favorites. So funny, so perfect.


Hopefully these gave you some ideas for own announcement, or at least brought a smile to your face!