Dad’s Epic Rube Goldberg ‘Gender Reveal’


Gender reveals have gone from being a niche trend to a much-anticipated part of a mom’s pregnancy. From the hilarious to the sweet, there are so many clever and creative ways to share your new baby’s gender with your loved ones.

But this latest one from vlogger Taylor Calmus might take the cake. The comedian/actor-turned-father is known for his stints on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” but he is also a popular vlogger who runs a YouTube channel called “Dude Dad Vlog.”

jimmy kimmel

Calmus is expecting his second child with his wife (the pair already have a son, Theo). In preparation for the gender reveal, Calmus and his close friends spent days creating a “Mousetrap“-style contraption that would take the family on a fast-paced journey throughout their entire house, before eventually leading to an unveiling of the new baby’s gender.

It’s an incredible project that clearly took lots of time and effort.

I won’t ruin the reveal for you at the end, but it’s hilarious to see the older brother’s reaction! I think he is just scared of the confetti-spraying machine, but to a more cynical eye it would certainly seem as if he is acting upset about the gender.


My only question is this: How did a parent of a 2-year-old have time to set this up? And how did they prevent Theo from knocking everything over before it was time? Calmus deserves kudos for that feat alone!

Calmus says he was inspired by Ok Go’s music video for “This Too Shall Pass,” which showed an elaborate Rube Goldberg Machine at work.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Rube Goldberg is the name of an American cartoonist and inventor who popularized these elaborate contraptions that rely on a series of “domino” effects, such as what is shown in the video above.

Whatever you call it, Calmus’ excitement about his new baby is obvious. Congrats to the happy parents!

[h/t: Pop Sugar]


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