The 26 most popular beer brands in the US


When it comes to imbibing, Americans’ drink of choice is clear: We’re here for the beer. According to a Gallup poll, 43 percent of those who consume alcohol prefer beer, which is more popular than wine and liquor. To better understand our love affair with beer, we broke down the most popular beer in every state. Now, we’re checking out which beers are most popular overall. (Call it a hop-ularity contest).

To arrive at these rankings, 24/7 Wall Street looked at how many barrels of beer were shipped within the U.S. in 2017. According to that metric, here are the 26 most popular beers in the country.

26. Guinness

Barrels shipped in 2017: 1.1 million

guinness photo
Flickr | anpalacios

25. Milwaukee’s Best Ice

Barrels shipped in 2017: 1.2 million

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24. Corona Light

Barrels shipped in 2017: 1.2 million

corona photo
Getty Images | David Becker

23. Icehouse

Barrels shipped in 2017: 1.3 million


22. Steel Reserve

Barrels shipped in 2017: 1.6 million

steel reserve beer photo
Flickr | cogdogblog

21. Coors Banquet

Barrels shipped in 2017: 1.7 million

Facebook / Coors Banquet

20. Dos Equis

Barrels shipped in 2017: 2 million

dos equis photo
Flickr | pato_garza

19. Blue Moon

Barrels shipped in 2017: 2.1 million

blue moon beer photo
Getty Images | Bennett Raglin

18. Yuengling Lager

Barrels shipped in 2017: 2.2 million

Yuengling Lager photo
Flickr | Scottb211

17. Natural Ice

Barrels shipped in 2017: 2.4 million


16. Pabst Blue Ribbon

Barrels shipped in 2017: 2.5 million

pabst blue ribbon photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

15. Bud Ice

Barrels shipped in 2017: 2.6 million

bud ice photo
Flickr | Electroburger

14. Stella Artois

Barrels shipped in 2017: 2.7 million

stella artois photo
Getty Images | Craig Barritt

13. Miller High Life

Barrels shipped in 2017: 3.5 million

miller high life photo
Flickr | Mr.TinDC

12. Keystone Light

Barrels shipped in 2017: 3.5 million

Facebook / Keystone Light

11. Heineken

Barrels shipped in 2017: 4 million

heineken photo
Getty Images | Scott Olson

10. Busch

Barrels shipped in 2017: 4.7 million

Facebook / Busch

9. Busch Light

Barrels shipped in 2017: 6.4 million

busch light photo
Flickr | inazakira

8. Natural Light

Barrels shipped in 2017: 6.5 million

Facebook / Natural Light

7. Modelo Especial

Barrels shipped in 2017: 7.2 million


6. Michelob Ultra

Barrels shipped in 2017: 7.7 million

Michelob Ultra photo
Getty Images | Scott Olson

5. Corona Extra

Barrels shipped in 2017: 8.7 million

corona photo
Getty Images | Scott Olson

4. Miller Lite

Barrels shipped in 2017: 13.1 million

miller lite beer photo
Getty Images | Craig Barritt

3. Budweiser

Barrels shipped in 2017: 13.3 million

budweiser photo
Flickr | Luciano Meirelles

2. Coors Light

Barrels shipped in 2017: 16.5 million

coors light photo
Flickr | robnguyen01

1. Bud Light

Barrels shipped in 2017: 33.1 million

bud light photo
Getty Images | Erika Goldring

Did your favorite brand make the list?

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