These Were The Most Popular Dog Names Of 2018

Is your dog's name on the list?

Is your dog named Max or Bella? If so, they are in good company. Dog-walking service Rover revealed the most popular dog names of 2018, and those two were at the top of the list, among other favorites like Charlie, Cooper, Lucy, Luna and Jack.

In fact, these particular monikers are not just popular with fur babies but with human ones as well. Rover found that 36 percent of all dog names were common people names, which might make sense when you consider that 94 percent of pet parents reportedly consider their dog a member of their family.


Vintage names like Minnie, Pearl, Willie, Harry and Fred also made a comeback in 2018. (And as someone who adopted another dog this year and named her Minnie, I can personally attest to the increased popularity of retro names in 2018.)

Food-related names were a trend as well with some of the more popular names being Biscuit, Cinnamon, Muffin, Waffles and Beans. Alcohol-themed names like Whiskey and Porter were also on the rise, although, one wine-themed dog name, Rosé, was down over 44 percent.

When it came to coming up with a name for their dog, pet-owners were also inspired by celebrity baby names (Luna, Stella, Stormi), musicians (Cardi, Freddie Mercury, Gambino) and the British royal family (Sophie, George, Prince). The names Meghan and Harry were up 129 percent and 133 percent, respectively.

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Movies and TV shows were a big influence too with more pets named after characters in HBO’s “Westworld” (Maeve, Dolores, Logan) and movies like “Black Panther” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” (Drax) than ever before. Dogs named Pennywise also increased 500 percent in 2018, no doubt due to the recent release of “It.”

Rover also made predictions for 2019. According to the dog-sitting site, expect to run into pups named Cheetos, Thanos and Myrtle, among others, in the coming year.

Check out Rover’s full findings below: