Jake Gyllenhaal And Ryan Reynolds Answer Fans’ Most-Searched Questions


What is the last thing you searched online? If you are like most people, your web history is probably a mix of the bizarre, practical, embarrassing and just completely random search queries.

(My most recent search: Did Elizabeth Taylor like chili? It’s a long story, but the answer is YES!)

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds know all about the temptation of Google. And, like the good sports they are, the pair just took part in a hilarious video where they answered the most-searched questions about themselves.

The interview, from WIRED as the pair promote their new movie “Life,” is a must-see:

The most searched Ryan Reynolds question?

“Is Ryan Reynolds Debbie Reynolds’ son?” (Sadly, no!)

People also asked if Ryan Reynolds was “missing a tooth,” or if Ryan Reynolds is “mean.” (Hard to imagine, right?) They also wonder if Reynolds wears eyeliner or knows marital arts. These search queries really couldn’t get more random.

As for Gyllenhaal, people wondered what he eats, as well as what time he was born (what?!). They also searched for information about his tattoos (he doesn’t have any), if he went to college (Columbia University!), and if he climbed Everest (apparently he did, which is cool).

But perhaps my favorite question was this: “Did Jake Gyllenhaal hear bad and boujee?” For those who don’t know, this is a reference to rapper Migos’ massive hit “Bad and Boujee.” I have NO idea why someone would google that, but I love that they did. (And by the way, yes, he did and he enjoyed it.)

If you can’t get enough of these WIRED interviews, you can also watch Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt answer the web’s most-searched questions about themselves:

(Weird reveal there: Jennifer Lawerence is related to Jeremy Renner!)

And here are Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman answering their own set of questions:

(Fun fact there: Jason Bateman didn’t get a high school diploma because of his stint on Teen Wolf Too.”)

h/t: Hello Giggles


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