This mother-son wedding dance is seriously impressive

The mother-son dance is a time-honored tradition at weddings. While many opt to go the conventional route and slow dance to a sweet classic like “Unforgettable” or “Stand By Me,” some choose to eschew the standards and instead take the opportunity to bust out some serious dance moves.

The mom and son in the video below definitely fall into the latter camp. Their perfectly synchronized steps look like they took some intense practice:

People on Facebook found their epic dancing to be pretty awe-inspiring. The video has over two million views and has been shared more than 12,000 times.

“Great moves. Both mom and son are marvelous. I’d like to try it with one of my grandsons or maybe both grandsons. That’ll be so cool and fun,” read one comment.

“I love seeing this. Mothers and sons have a special bond. Great dancers,” said another.

While the identities of this talented mother-son duo are not clear from the video, they are not the only family to go viral on the internet thanks to their killer dance moves at a wedding. Check out the mom and son in the video below, who start off swaying gently to a pretty predictable pick, “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac. About 20 seconds in, however, they start to seriously groove, eventually jamming out to a medley of dance-able songs from a variety of genres, including “Thriller” and “The Twist.” I’d say they totally nailed it!

Not to be outdone, dads and daughters have also pulled off some pretty impressive wedding dances. Check out these two, who even donned sunglasses to complete the look as they shimmied to a mix of throwback classics and more modern-day hits, including “U Can’t Touch This” and “Party Rock Anthem.”

Sometimes the wedding party even gets in on the action, as was the case with this bride and her bridesmaids, who performed an epic choreographed routine to a slew of Beyonce’s greatest hits.

Looks like all you brides- and grooms-to-be have a lot to live up to.