Mountain Dew revealed its special Halloween flavor is candy corn

Aside from candy, boo-tiful decorations and delicious drinks, Halloween is also all about mystery. Spooky ghost stories and scary movies are part of the season’s fun — and this year, you can also indulge in mystery flavors to give your taste buds a spooky surprise as well.

Mountain Dew has released a new Halloween-themed drink called Mountain Dew VooDew that was released as a “mystery” flavor ahead of Halloween. All the brand said at the time is that it could be cotton candy, cream soda or candy corn.

Today, the mystery flavor was revealed to be candy corn (see the brand’s announcement on Instagram below), but when I sampled it, I have to admit, it was not easy to figure out the flavor! It’s pretty sweet and candy-like. and I would have guessed cotton candy with cream soda in close running. I definitely did not get a candy corn vibe!

The drink is currently available in stores across the country. A 12-pack at Target costs $4.89 right now.



Mountain Dew is not the only food you can get in a mystery flavor this Halloween. Skittles is also playing a guessing game with their Zombie Skittles, which look just like normal Skittles — but are far from it.

Each pack of Zombie Skittles features a mix of five fruity flavors: Petrifying Citrus Punch, Mummified Melon, Boogeyman Blackberry, Chilling Black Cherry and Blood Red Berry. These may sound like treats, but be prepared for a trick: while all the Skittles look innocent, one of them has a repulsive flavor called Rotten Zombie!

I am far from an adventurous eater, but I gave the Zombie Skittles a whirl. Let’s just say, you don’t want the Rotten Zombie.

I forced a friend to join me, and she described them best: “They taste like hot garbage,” she said.

Moral of the story: they’re not delicious, but it was fun to play “who gets the rotten one first” and it’s worth buying a pack … if you dare.

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Looking for more Halloween goodies? Kit Kat’s pumpkin pie flavor has already hit shelves and Hershey is bringing back its glow-in-the-dark candy wrappers that were new last year. You’ll also find new M&Ms in Creepy Cocoa Crisp flavor and Ghoul’s Mix which feature orange, green and purple candies. These come in plain, peanut and peanut butter flavors and you can even get them as cookie dough!