15 Mouth-Watering Vegetarian Recipes For Thanksgiving

Just because there’s no turkey doesn’t mean it can’t feel like Thanksgiving. There are plenty of vegetarian options that still celebrate all of the delicious flavors of fall which commonly appear at gatherings this time of year.

From stuffed vegetables to gravy that’s made without using any kind of animal fat, you can have a totally delicious and meat-free dinner party this Thanksgiving. These recipes include side dishes and main dishes, so you’re table is going to be full of options.

It’ll take a long time to pass everything around if you make a handful of these recipes, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Get ready to be thankful for these delectable meat-free dishes.

1. Stuffed Squash

Wild rice and pomegranate will fill a butternut squash with a mixture of sweet and savory flavors. Get the recipe.

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Pickles 'n Honey

2. Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushrooms that have been stuffed with spinach and goat cheese make a great main meal or side dish. Get the recipe.

Blogging Over Thyme

3. Gravy

Vegetable stock and shitake mushrooms combine to bring all of the flavor (but none of the animal fat) of traditional Thanksgiving gravy. Use it as a topping on rice, mashed potatoes and more. Get the recipe.

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Umami Girl

4. Honey Glazed Baby Carrots

Baby carrots get a sweet addition when drenched in honey and brown sugar. I’ll take a serving or two of these, please. Get the recipe.

Damn Delicious

5. Pot Pie

Filled with veggies and tofu, this would make for a very filling and tasty main dish. Or, make them in mini-version and serve them on the side. Get the recipe.

May I Have That Recipe?

6. Vegetables Wellington

Veggies, nuts and mushrooms make this classic wellington-style recipe perfect for those who don’t eat meat (and maybe even for the carnivores out there, too, because it looks that good). Get the recipe.

Serious Eats

7. Quinoa Stuffing

With apples, lemon juice and maple syrup mixed in with quinoa and sweet potatoes, this is sure to be a super flavorful addition to the rest of your Thanksgiving feast. Get the recipe.

Marla Meredith

8. Squash & Kale Lasagna

Lasagna for Thanksgiving doesn’t sound half bad— especially when it’s filled with squash, kale and tons of cheese. Get the recipe.

Half Baked Harvest

9. Cauliflower Gratin

This is basically a healthier version of mac ‘n cheese because this cauliflower is smothered in a flour and milk gravy of sorts. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Get the recipe.

Food Network

10. Broccoli & Cauliflower Parmesan Bake

This combines bread, cheese, garlic and vegetables. Those are basically my favorite ingredients, so I know what I’ll be bringing to my family’s Thanksgiving. Get the recipe.

Bitz 'n Giggles

11. Wild Rice No-Meatloaf

Wild rice, beans and walnut come together to give a delicious vegetarian take on a meatloaf. Get the recipe.

Pure Ella

12. Pumpkin Soup

There’s sure to be pumpkin pie for dessert, but you can squeeze it in at dinner also with this pumpkin soup recipe. Get the recipe.

Minimalist Baker

13. Sweet Potato Casserole With Carmelized Onions & Goat Cheese

A unique take on sweet potatoes, this is a great way to ditch the marshmallow topping this Thanksgiving. Get the recipe.

Maya Visnyei

14. Butternut Squash & Kale Stuffed Shells

These giant pasta shells are sure to be very fit for the season when stuffed with squash and kale. Get the recipe.

The Corner Kitchen Blog

15. Mushroom, Chestnut & Cranberry Tart

I feel like you don’t typically have savory tarts, but this one sounds incredible. Get the recipe.

Jamie Oliver

With these vegetables, nuts and tons of savory flavors, all of the Thanksgiving traditions are still present— minus the Turkey, of course, but you won’t miss that at all.

[h/t: Greatist]