Move Over, Kale—Seaweed May Be The New Popular Superfood

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Kale, your day of reckoning has come. Your time in the spotlight couldn’t last forever, and now it’s time to pay homage to the latest and greatest in dark green super foods: seaweed. Though this particular green has been popular for, oh, centuries with certain Asian and even northern European cultures, it has only recently sprung onto the trendy food scene and sales are soaring.

Like most other green veggies, seaweed is low in calories but incredibly nutrient-dense. A serving contains massive doses of Vitamin K, calcium, iron, potassium and iodine, which helps with thyroid function. In an interview with Yahoo Health, certified dietitian-nutritionist Lisa Moskovitz RD said: “There have been some studies that link consumption of this ‘superfood’ to reducing the risk of breast cancer, decreasing inflammation, preventing obesity, improving fertility — the list goes on.”

On top of that, seaweed is super-sustainable: not only does it grow quickly, but some species can reach up to 100 feet in length, so it’s definitely abundant. Additionally, it requires almost no help to grow – the seeds attach to rocks on the floor of the ocean and begin growing. That’s it. As a plus, seaweed naturally filters water as it grows.

So how do you go about eating more seaweed?

First, as with anything, choose the most minimally processed option. Kelp and nori are two of the most popular options out there and are very different (but equally delicious). Kelp usually comes in a salty water bath that you should drain and rinse before using the kelp. Fold it into a stir-fry or a cold noodle salad, or add to soups for flavor and body. Nori, used in sushi, comes in dried sheets and can be crumbled up on almost everything to add salty, umami flavor. Just remember, a little goes a long way.