Move Over Cards Against Humanity, Punderdome Is The Next Hot New Card Game

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Welcome to the Punderdome.

Cards Against Humanity (a more adult version of Apples To Apples) has been one of the most popular party games over the past few years. But a new game called Punderdome, that’s set to release this summer, may become the newest trend. It’s already the number one best seller on Amazon in the card games category.

The purpose of Punderdone is to create a fun and entertaining party game that revolves around players creating really bad jokes. According to the game’s description it’s “one part game, one part conversation starter, you don’t need to be a pun master to master Punderdome: the goal is to make bad jokes and have fun in the process.”

The creators of the game are no strangers to puns.  They host the Punderdome 3000, a monthly event in Brooklyn in which people compete by coming up with the best puns.

How It Works

One players draws a couple of cards and reads them to the group. The rest of the players then have 90 seconds to create one horribly great pun that combines the two words on the two cards.  The person who reads the card, then decides which pun was the best (or worst).

Punderdome is set to release in July, but you can pre-order on Amazon now for $12.00.

H/T Mashable