Red Wine Brownies Exist Because Grown-Ups Need Brownies Too

If you love to end your evening with chocolate and a little red wine, we found something even better. You should still pour yourself that glass of vino, but try adding another one to some brownie batter to make the perfect red wine brownies.

A Cookie Named Desire blogger Amanda Powell is basically a brownie genius (she creates all kinds of incredible treats, but we’re particularly gaga for her brownies). We thought there was no way she could one-up herself after she introduced us to Bacon Brownies. That’s right. Bacon. Brownies.

But then she goes and does something crazy like BROWNIE-STUFFED CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES.

It has to end there, we said. How could this get any better? And that’s when we dug a little deeper and found that she’d already gone and poured a big ol’ glass of red wine into some brownies to create the perfect holiday brownie recipe: Red Wine Brownies with Drunken Cranberries.

Cookie Named Desire

The ingredients are simple enough, and look a lot like a traditional brownie recipe—dark chocolate, cocoa powder, sugar, walnuts (if you so desire)—but these brownies are elevated from ordinary to transcendent with the addition of red wine and dried cranberries that have first been SOAKED IN THE WINE.

Now before you get too worried about having to share your wine with your brownies, you’ll be relieved to know that the recipe calls for less than a cup of red wine, so there’s plenty more for the baker. Phew.

[h/t Hello Giggles]