This Movie Theater Wants You To Bring Your Dog Along

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Dogs have been our best buds for centuries. It’s no surprise we want to bring them along everywhere we go: airplanes, shopping, even to get a “puppaccino” at Starbucks.

However, one place man’s best friend has not been welcome is the movie theater. Whenever we wanted to catch up on the latest releases, we had to leave Fido behind for a few hours. That is, until now.

As of December, K9 Cinemas is the first-of-its-kind movie theater that caters to people and pups alike. Eric Lankford and his dog Bear founded the intimate theater, holding up to 25 guests, in Plano, Texas. Currently, it’s open only on the weekends.

Before Christmas, the theater screened holiday classics like Elf and Home Alone. Naturally, K9 Cinemas stocks snacks for people and dogs alike—that is, popcorn and dog biscuits. All snacks are only $2 each.

They make a night out even sweeter with special promotions, too. Lankford has hosted wine nights with complimentary vino for all patrons 21 and up.

Ticket prices are reasonable, too. An adult ticket is $12.50 and includes one “pup child”; each additional pup child (up to two are allowed) costs $5, and tickets for people under 21 are $9 each.

Upon their first visit, dog owners must provide valid papers from their vet to show each pup is up-to-date on shots. Inside, dogs need to be on leashes in the theater unless they’re in a designated area.

The theater is currently in a temporary space and has metal chairs on a concrete floor, so accidents are easy to clean up. In response to a good start, Lankford is upgrading with comfy couches and more screenings.

This small theater is just the beginning. Movie night has officially gone to the dogs, and dog lovers are thrilled!

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