Moving Metal ‘Statue of Love’ Shows Path Of Passion and Love

In 1937, Azerbaijani author, Kurban Said, published a book titled, “Ali and Nino.” A tragic love story set in WWI, the young lovers Ali, a Muslim boy, and Nino, a Georgian princess, find themselves torn emotionally by cultural and religious differences as well as physically through the invasion of Russia.

Over the last 75+ years, the book has been turned into a movie and translated into an impressive 37 languages.

Literally hundreds of novels have been created to depict what so many suffered and troubled love: West Side Story, Pride and Prejudice, Room With A View, Water For Elephants, and Romeo and Juliet. And in 1970, the iconic 1960’s Pop Art “Love” was created in 3D sculpture form, which is now taken life in 45+ installments across the globe.

robert indiana photo
Photo by Kumar Appaiah

So what makes Ali and Nino’s story so different?

In Batumi, Georgia, is perhaps the most moving (literally) tribute to the two young lovers: two sculptures created by Tamar Kvesitadze, titled “Ali and Nino.” At eight meters tall, the statues display everlasting love and sympathy between once conflicted countries.

What is most unique and incredible is the statues move, following a path where they unite, become one, and separate again. The entire transition takes about ten minutes, and in the dark night sky, the sculptures are illuminated with brilliant, beautiful lights. The video below depicts this:

If you stop for a moment to think about the symbolism of these sculptures that approach each other, briefly connect and perfectly flow through one another, it’s quite remarkable.

What are your thoughts?

[h/t: A Plus]