Muddy Buddy Cookies Are The Perfect Combination Of Desserts

These cookies combine two of your favorite things, so they’re the perfect thing to make when you’re craving multiple desserts or in those moments when you just can’t decide what to make — why not make two desserts in one?

Muddy Buddy Cookies are essentially a cookie take on classic Muddy Buddies party mix (also known as Puppy Chow), which is made using Chex cereal that is rolled in a mixture of peanut butter and chocolate and is covered in powdered sugar.

The recipe for the cookie version of this sweet snack comes from Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons and uses a peanut butter cookie base and plenty of chocolate and powdered sugar to go along with it.

To make the peanut butter dough, you’ll need peanut butter, light brown sugar, sugar, flour and a few other ingredients. Once the dough is prepared, you’ll roll the dough into individual balls and place them on a baking sheet. To get the perfect disc shape, the recipe suggests using the bottom of a glass to flatten each dough ball.

When you’ve gotten your cookies out of the oven and they’ve had some time to cool, it’s time to top them with melted chocolate using a piping bag (you can also place the chocolate in a Ziploc bag and cut a corner tip off of the bag to make a piping bag substitute!) and give them a good dusting of powdered sugar.

The finished product is a thing of perfection — two desserts combined into one to make the ultimate treat:

Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons

A recipe from Cookies And Cups takes this dessert combo to the next level by not just topping the cookies with chocolate, but by entirely coating them in chocolate, instead.

By combining chocolate chips, peanut butter and butter into a microwave safe bowl and heating until melted and smooth, you’ll create the perfect coating — just waiting for peanut butter cookies to be dunked in.

Use a fork to flip the cookie and remove it from the chocolate to help the process be as least messy as possible.

Once the cookies are also coated in powdered sugar — yum! — they’re ready to be devoured:

Cookies And Cups

And if these cookies sound amazing, but you still think you’d miss the crunch of the Chex, you’ll love this recipe from Like Mother Like Daughter which tops the cookies with actual Muddy Buddies.

The end result? A dessert that’s to die for:

Like Mother Like Daughter

Craving these Muddy Buddy cookies right about now? Get out the chocolate, peanut butter and powdered sugar and get to baking, folks!