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Throw An Epic Pool Party With These Multi-Person Floats

These floats fit six people at one time!

The days are officially starting to get longer and with warmer weather technically on the horizon, why not start planning the summer season’s first major pool or lake party? And that means one absolute necessity — pool floats!

The internet lost its mind over the larger-than-life Sam’s Club “Party Island” pool floats, which are priced at $150 each and fit up to six people at one time. That makes a pretty good deal if you split the cost among your besties.

Sam's Club

These enormous beauties come in peacock (as shown above) as well as flamingo and unicorn shapes.

Sam's Club

Jump on one of these babies and you’re all set to party in the sunshine. The flamingo and unicorn styles come with built-in coolers and cup holders.

Sam's Club

These magical animal islands of wonder were completely sold out everywhere on the internet. But they’re now back in stock!

If you’re not a Sam’s Club member or are looking for a different kind of float, here are some fun alternatives to the “Party Island” pool floats that will immediately take your party to the next level. Because when it’s all said and done, isn’t the goal to float around in the middle of a sparkling body of water, soaking in the warm weather with your best friends right by your side, living the dream? We think so.

Bestway Blue Caribbean Six-Person Floating Island, $129.99

This floating island fits six people and features five seats with built-in backrests and armrests and even a lounge for sunbathing. It’s over 10 feet long and offers two coolers and six cup holders, perfect for keeping your beverage of choice nearby throughout the day.


Swimline Pool Pizza Slice Pool Float, $32.97 For One Slice Or $214 For Eight

This float is every foodie’s dream: a ginormous pizza! Though you can buy individual slices, why not buy all eight to make a full pizza large enough to fit your whole party? Just imagine the photo opps!


WOW Octo Island Six-Person Floating Table, $189.98

This large floating lounge is ideal for playing games while you float the day away. It features a large table, a central cooler that holds up to 24 cans of beverages and backrests for added comfort. It fits six people but will also stay stable (and upright!) with only one person sitting at it.


Tahiti Island With Cooler, $140

This floating island holds seven people, and offers eight cupholders (you know, if someone onboard happens to be double-fisting!) plus two built-in coolers to keep all your necessary beverages cold. Plus with a built-in platform and two dedicated lounge seats, this float looks relaxation-ready.

Sam's Club

So who is officially ready for summer? We know we are!

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