‘Mushroom Blonde’ Is The Newest Winter Hair Color Trend

When you think of changing your hair color for the winter, darker shades probably come to mind. But there’s no rule saying that blonde is out for the colder months. In fact, mushroom blonde is the latest hair color trend taking over Instagram, and it’s the perfect look to take your mane into the new year.

Although it’s named after a fungus, you can rest assured that this color is anything but gross.

Rockville, Maryland-based stylist Yokasta Perez coined the term for the shade that’s not quite blond, but not quite brown, just like the food it’s inspired by. Check out her handiwork on Instagram:


“Mushroom Blonde,” she captioned the side-by-side photo of her client showing off the shade. “Color correction on my lovely client we decided to go a lot ashier this time!”

How pretty! Check out this beautifully natural shade, posted to Instagram by Montreal-based colorist @tofutofudiane:


For loyal bottle blondes who are convinced that those with flaxen hair really do have more fun, the shade can be a great way to dip their toes into the dark side of brunette(ish) hair. Those who have dark hair, on the other hand, can see what it would be like to lighten up a bit.

This side-by-side of actual mushrooms and the hair color shows just how accurate the name is. Stylist @colorbymichelle used Redken and Opalex products to pull off this look:


And how gorgeous does the hue look on super-straight locks, as shown on Instagram by @danielleshaircouture?


The shade is equally stunning on curly hair, however, as shown on Instagram by @tashaxdeeva:


Beautiful! Would you consider mushroom blonde hair this winter?

[H/t Allure]