Must-Have Harry Potter Products Every Fan Will Want To Own

There is, without a doubt, a Harry Potter fan in your life. That fan may even be you.

Nothing compares to the joy one gets from owning an item from their favorite fictional series, especially when that series is Harry Potter. Here are adorable items to buy for all the Harry Potter-loving Muggles in your life.

1. Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Anyone out there still waiting for their Hogwarts acceptance letter? Wait no more because you can get a personalized Hogwarts acceptance kit, which includes a letter, train ticket and a map.

Jogwarts Acceptance Letter
Wiz Wares

Wiz Wares, $26.33

2. Dobby Artwork

At times Dobby made Harry’s life a mess, but he was also an amazing friend at the end. Have Dobby forever in your heart and on your wall in this adorable watercolor print.

Dobby artwork

Etsy, $10.95

3. Muggle Mug

Be a proud Muggle everyday with this clever mug.

Muggle mug

Storenvy, $16

4. Hogwarts Coffee

Drink coffee the right way, the Hogwarts way.

Hogwarts coffee

Etsy, $15

5. Alumni Tote Bag

Show the world your Hogwarts pride with this environmentally friendly tote.

Hogwarts tote bag

Folksy, $10

6. Tea Bag Tidy

For the Potter fans who also love tea, leave your tea bags on Ron Tea-sley.

Potter tea bag tidy

Etsy, $6.56

7. Potter Notebook Cover

Add this cover to a notebook, then go ahead an write all your magical spells or just some thoughts of the day.

Potter notebook cover

Esty, $32.81

8. Pennant Banner

Don’t let the Muggles make you believe you aren’t a wizard.

Pennant Banner

Etsy, $15.75

Note: We didn’t include this Harry Potter TV Remote Control Wand on this list because we assume all your superfans already own it (right?). If not, check it out and start practicing your wand skills, as you’ll actually need them to make the remote work. 

[h/t: Guff]