This Couple Used Social Media To Hunt Down The Owner Of A Lost Bracelet

Facebook | Dawn Nelson

If social media is the place where no good deed goes unnoticed, then this particular good deed is a prime example.

A Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, couple is celebrating today after a viral Facebook post helped them locate the owner of a missing bracelet.

“WE FOUND HER!!!” Dawn Nelson, who discovered the Pandora bracelet on the beach with her husband, Cary, wrote on Facebook yesterday. “I just got off the phone with the owner of the bracelet, and she is ECSTATIC! It will be on its way back to her tomorrow! It’s a good day.”

Cary Nelson said he found the bracelet — which has about 20 charms on it — while using a metal detector on the beach last Tuesday, July 17. Dawn Nelson took action by sharing a photo of the bracelet, and she called on the “Facebook universe” to work a little magic to track down the owner.

Specific charms on the bracelet include one that marks a 30-year anniversary, a heart-shaped “grandma” charm that includes an engraving and even one for the West Virginia University Mountaineers.

“Once I pulled it out, I was like, this is definitely something different and something that someone really misses,” Cary Nelson told news outlet WTRF.

And between all the shares from strangers and news pieces online, the magic of the internet worked.

Under a new post on her Facebook page stating simply, “OWNER FOUND!”, Dawn replied in the comments section to questions about the owner, explaining that the woman had been visiting the beach with girlfriends when she lost the bracelet. “From WV but lives in MI now,” Dawn’s comment reads. “She described every charm and the inscription. She is ecstatic, she thought she would never see it again.”

The original post has more than 19,000 shares. People following the post were happy to hear the good news, expressing their gratitude and even writing that it brought tears to their eyes. “It was meant to be! I know she will be so grateful for all you did to make it happen,” one commenter wrote.

Dawn herself became emotional when talking to the owner, stating in a Facebook comment that she and the owner “were both choked up on the phone!”

What an incredible story!

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