Feet Nails Are The Newest Nail Trend You Just Have To See To Believe

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Gone are the days of a simple manicure with red or pink polish. If you want to be on-trend in 2018, it’s all about quirky and unique nail art, like these comb nails or colored-pencil nails, or these kind-of-creepy teeth nails that look like molars.

Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to increasingly elaborate nail art, and the latest trend to sweep the manicure world is feet nails.

Yep, someone sculpted acrylic nails to resemble feet. Honestly, this just may be the strangest nail trend yet. Check out this bizarre yet mesmerizing manicure in action in the video below, posted to Instagram by Moscow-based nail art chain Nail Sunny:


Wow! Watching those fingers made to look like feet walking across a surface is really a sight to behold.

The video also includes a time-lapse demonstration of how these incredible little feet were created, and it looks like it took some true artistry. The toes on the feet even have their own pedicure within the manicure and are painted red. One “foot” even has a tiny gold chain around it.

In their caption, Nail Sunny asked “yay or nay?” and judging by the comments, reactions were definitely mixed.

“Nay, what the heck are you thinking,” read one comment.

“I love these nails! It’s nice to see something different from the plain nail art that’s out there!” another declared.

Nail Sunny is also behind the aforementioned comb nails, colored-pencil nails and molar nails, and other creations. Just look at these tiger-striped fur nails:


And for those who want to take the feet nail trend a little farther, there are these shoe nails:


These automotive-inspired nails are pretty creative, too:


And then there are these nails with ants in them, which created a little bit of a controversy, though the nail salon claims no ants were actually harmed during the process:


It seems like Nail Sunny’s nail artists won’t run out of crazy ideas for nail art anytime soon.

“If you have some stupid idea, just tell us about that,” they told Allure in June. “We can make a super-cool design after that.”

After seeing what they’ve accomplished so far, we certainly don’t doubt that!

Would you give any of these wacky manicures a try, or are you more traditional when it comes to your digits?

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