Company Offers Diverse Range Of ‘Nude’ Lingerie To Fit A Variety Of Skin Tones

One startup lingerie brand has just completely revolutionized the idea of “nude” undergarments. Skin tone is not a “one size fits all” (nothing ever is, really), and they’ve decided to do something about the fact that not every woman is looking for the same shade of “nude.”

Naja has recently launched a set of three different types of seamless underwear and one bra style that comes in seven different neutral tones. You’re bound to find something from the fairest to the darkest of skin tones and a wide range in-between.

The bras come in 32A to 40DDD and the underwear range from XS to XXL, so not only do they offer a wide color scheme, they’re also inclusive in size, as well.

To make the choice even easier, you can match the color of your undergarments with popular make-up brands and shades.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.19.45 AM

Just another way the Naja brand is celebrating what it is to be a woman and love the skin you’re in is by choosing non-models to star in their campaign. That’s right! These women are not professional models (although, they should consider a career change). They’re forces in the business world, a ballet dancer, a software engineer— real women with real needs for their underwear.

Every woman wants a bra that will perfectly blend in with her complexion. And now, even more ladies will have the chance to have just that.


The Sasha Bra in Nude 06, $39, Naja

And with three different underwear styles, there’s bound to be a cut (and color) to suit you!


High-Waisted in Nude 03, $18, Naja


Thong in Nude 02, $15, Naja


Bikini In Nude 02, $18, Naja

Ladies, get out there and rock all of the white blouses you want! No one will be able to see your bra underneath– finally!

[h/t: Refinery29]