This service sends prints of your photos to your grandparents every month

A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but are they still that valuable if you never print them? Instagram and other private photo sharing services let you keep connected with friends and family online. However, that doesn’t quite cut it for everyone.

NanaGram offer the perfect solution for those relatives who demand hard copies of your Kodak moments. For a small monthly fee, the company prints and mails a package of photos of your choice to whoever keeps asking for new pictures of your daily adventures.

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Getty Images | Pablo Blazquez Dominguez

How Much Is It?

NanaGram packages begin at $7.99, for 10 photos, per month and go all the way up to a package that offers 100 photos, for $34.99, per month. The packages include 4-by-6 inch prints and every picture is printed on high quality photo paper with ink from a photo lab.

Once you sign up, all you have to do is text photos to your unique NanaGram number and select prints on the website. That also means your siblings (or whoever you give the number) can add photos, so the recipients can get a full family photo recap.

And look how happy one grandma was when she got her monthly print delivery!

You can add multiple people on the receiving end, too. Everyone on this list will receive the same batch of prints monthly for an extra fee for each additional shipment. NanaGram also sends reminders two weeks, one week and three days before the ship date to make sure you never miss a month.

In case that’s not enough, you can even add captions by texting a comment along with the photos. Then, you can choose how they appear on printed photos. It adds a bit more detail so the recipient gets some context when they open the package.

Another Option

If you’d prefer using an app over texting your photos, Timeshel also delivers prints monthly, offering two subscription packages. You can send 10 photos for $5.95 per month or 30 photos for $14.95 per month, using images you upload to the app. If time gets away from you, Timeshel makes it easy to skip a month without a penalty.

Timeshel harkens back to the joy of savoring physical photographs with keepsake packaging and more. At the moment, the service offers prints only but has framing and photo journals in the works to make gifts extra special.

With these printing services, photographs are definitely back to being worth 1,000 words.

Do you prefer having hard copies of your photos?