Nanny being hailed as a hero after saving boy from a home invader

California caregiver Jenna Lee Baker is being hailed as a super nanny in her community. Her quick-thinking and abiding love for the 3-year-old boy she cares for may have just saved his life in a terrifying situation.

Baker and the boy were out running errands when a burglar entered the family home. He made his way around the home, riffling through purses and entering the family’s bedroom. Before long, Baker and her charge entered the house—and that’s when things got really scary.

“I knew something wasn’t right,” Baker said. “So I started calling his name to have him come to me so we could get out.”

Just then, the burglar ran down the steps, towards the boy. Thinking quickly, Baker grabbed the 3-year-old and ran directly out the front door to the neighbor’s house. It was “sheer panic,” she says.

Even more chilling? The family’s security camera got the whole thing on film.

security camera photo
Flickr | XoMEoX

Break-In Caught On Camera

The footage clearly shows the intruder entering the house, scoping out bedrooms and dumping out Baker’s own purse on the kitchen island. The amazing part of the video is the footage of Baker quickly picking up the little boy and running as fast as she can as she realizes who is in the home.

The burglar ran out the front door just after Baker and got away, but here’s hoping some of that footage can help law enforcement identify him. According to Yahoo! News, he has not yet been caught.

Baker’s employers are, of course, incredibly grateful for and touched by her actions. The boy’s father, Jonathan Lai, says: “What she did for my son, and what she does daily, it’s unbelievable.”

Baker herself says, “I don’t think of myself as a hero. I love him. When his parents are away, they put their trust in me to keep him safe.”

Watch the nanny’s quick-thinking in action in the Inside Edition report on this story:

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Is Your Home Vulnerable To A Break-In?

UK insurance agency Co-op Insurance polled 25 former, and what they learned about keeping your home safe might surprise you.

According to the FBI, Americans lost a collective $3.6 billion to burglary in 2015, the most recent data available. Homeowners lost, on average, $2,316 per burglary last year.


The consensus of the burglars was that noisy gravel driveways, “Beware of Dog” signs and leaving the lights on are the least effective measures for keeping would-be thieves at bay.

They did share some more effective ways to help protect your home from break-ins. Roughly a quarter of the burglars said motion-activated lights would deter them, and 22 percent said a closed-circuit TV camera would turn them away from your house.

Fifteen percent of burglars surveyed said a dog barking would scare them away, while 11 percent said a monitored burglar alarm would stop them in their tracks.

dog barking photo
Flickr | AdamBuzzo

The burglars also said it was a mistake to put your outdoor lights on a timer—they can tell when the lights turn on and off at the same time every day.

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Don’t think that an alarm is enough either, they advised. Home alarm systems are are often ignored and the authorities can be slow to respond to residential alarm calls.

And, of course, always make sure to lock all your doors and windows.